Feb 172014

Have You been Hurt On the Job?

workmans comp case

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While Worker’s Comp has different rules about eligibility, various rules and multiple ways to claim, but the laws are similar in every state. Every employee has a right to medical care if injured during work. Workers’ compensation should pay for all medical bills, home care, and equipment. The individual should also be compensated for the time he or she lost due to the injury or illness. If the individual passed away due to the injury or illness, the family should be eligible to receive the benefits on his or her behalf.

Almost all workers are covered by Worker’s Comp, even undocumented workers. Each workplace has general guidelines for those that are covered. While certain jobs are exempt from the coverage, such as federal workers and independent contractors, the best way to check your status would be to check with the Workers’ Comp agency.

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When am I covered by Workers’ Comp?

You are covered under Workers’ Compensation if you are in the premises under your employer’s control. This includes any work or premises of work you are doing for your employer. However, commuting does not come under coverage.

Work related illnesses and injuries are covered by Workers’ Comp. The injuries can be a one-time occurrence, such as a fall or the breaking of bones, or can occur over-time, such as muscle strain or carpel tunnel syndrome. Illnesses caused by toxic chemicals or poisonous gases are also covered.

Pre-existing conditions that get worse due to work, such as asthma, can also be covered by Workers’ Comp. As long as it can be proven that work was responsible for the worsening of the condition, the worker can be compensated, even if it is the individual’s carelessness or fault. However, if the employer can argue that the individual was inebriated or hurt him-/herself on purpose, the injury is not eligible. Drug use might be an issue when reporting an injury but does not always mean ineligibility of compensation.

Always check with a lawyer to see if the injury is covered, even if the employer denies it.

When should I go for a lawyer?

Workers’ Comp claims is one of the few times that a lawyer is worth to have. Local unions or Central Labor Council can make recommendations for injured individuals. Workers’ Comp lawyers only take cases they think they can win since they receive a percentage of the compensation awarded. There are no fees upfront.

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