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If you have been injured and have filed a lawsuit for compensation

If you have been injured and have filed a lawsuit for compensation, it may seem like you will never get your money.  Lawsuits can drag out for months or even years while you sit dreaming about what you can do with the money – if you ever get it!

Have you ever considered there might be a better way to get your money?  Settlement advance loans are ones that are given based on your lawsuit and the amount of settlement you are expected to receive.  These loans can be completed quickly and you can have your money fast.  No more waiting around or worrying about how to pay bills while you recovery from the injury that wasn’t even your fault!

Imagine!  Your monthly bills taken care of or a vacation to relieve the stress you have been under.

Settlement advance don’t have to be paid back until you get your settlement – no monthly payment to worry about.  You pay the money back when you get your lawsuit settlement.

Looking for someone to help you get a settlement advance loan might be scary, but we are here to help.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding has helped thousands of people get their cash quickly and we have made the process as easy as possible.

Just fill out the application form CLICK HERE – it takes less than a minute – or give us a call!

With just a little information about your lawsuit and expected settlement, we can make a decision about your loan and if you qualify, you will get your money right away.  No more waiting for phone calls from your lawyer.  No more disappointments when trial dates are pushed back.  Your money will be in your pocket – right where it belongs!

Don’t worry about credit checks because we don’t do them.  The only thing your loan is based on is your lawsuit – not your financial past.  And – we don’t ask what you are going to do with the money!  It is your money to do what you want.   Spend it as you wish.

Remember, the only way to get your money soon is by talking to us about a settlement advance loan.

Take a few seconds and fill out the application form CLICK HERE now so we can get put your money in your pocket soon!


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