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Lawsuit Loans to Pay Bills

Trying to recover from an injury is stressful enough without having the added worry of how to pay bills when you are unable to work.  Even if you file a lawsuit immediately after the accident, it can take months or even years before you get your settlement.  Unless you have been able to save a huge emergency fund, your financial situation could become terrible quickly.  It can be difficult to find the help you need.

Apply for a Lawsuit Loan now, CLICK HERE

Typical banks probably can’t help you – they want proof of income and to check your credit score.  So what can you do? Call us!

Interstate Lawsuit Funding specializes in advance settlement loans.

These loans are given based only on your lawsuit and your settlement expectations, not on your work history or credit report.  We serve locations all over the USA.  We only need information about your lawsuit and possible settlement to make a decision about your loan.

We can also make a quick decision about your loan because everything is completed in our office.  We don’t have to fill out paperwork, send it somewhere else, then wait for another person to give their approval.  We do it all right here – and that means a fast decision for you and quick cash, if you are approved. Who doesn’t need quick cash these days – especially if you have been hurt and unable to work? Everyday expenses pile up quickly.

No Credit Check for your loan.

Apply for a Lawsuit Loan now, CLICK HERE

And, the money we loan you is for you to do whatever you want.  We won’t ask.  Really – take a trip, remodel your home, have a party.  It is your money and your decision.  Another thing – you don’t have to make monthly loan payments to us.  This money is yours until your settlement check arrives.

The process is as easy as we can possibly make it.  Fill out the 30-second application form CLICK HERE or you can give us a call today.  Either way, we can’t help you get the money you need until you contact us.  Think about what you can do with some quick cash.  Think about not having to worry about monthly bills.  Think about a vacation.

Now, give us a call or fill out the very simple form CLICK HERE so we can help you today!


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