Apr 242014

Negligence Case-NJ Transit

Negligence occurs when a person or persons fail to exercise reasonable care and maintain appropriate protocol in regard to an activity in which they are legally responsible.  A Sandyston, N.J. man sued the Newark, N.J. based NJ Transit company, claiming that he hit a large tree on the tracks while operating a NJ Transit train.   The conductor hit the tree going 40 miles per hour, resulting in injuries in his back, neck, right knee, and shoulder.

 NJ Transit Injury

NJ Transit, as a company, was responsible for removing the tree from the premise, but neglected to do so.  Their negligence not only put their employees in danger, but also the passengers of the train.  The company’s failure to maintain the safety of their employees resulted in a $3.47 million lawsuit, which the suing conductor won.

 A Personal Injury Lawsuit in New Jersey Qualifies for Cash Advance

Premises liability holds property owners and businesses responsible for accidents and any injury that occurs on their property.  While slip and fall is a common type of premises liability, there are many kinds of injuries that can take place, as exemplified in the case of NJ Transit.  All employers have a core responsibility to uphold and maintain company procedures and safety practices to ensure the safety and well being of their employees.  When those practices have been compromised and the business acts negligently, putting others in danger, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed.


If you’ve been injured on the property of another person or business in the state of New Jersey due to negligence and have a pending personal injury lawsuit, a lawsuit lender could be the answer to financial stability.  A lawsuit loan cash advance can be used to replace loss of income due to injuries, to pay medical bills, to keep up with the rent or mortgage, or to use on personal expenses.   Like in the case of the NJ Transit train conductor who was injured on the job, his sustained injuries most likely left him unable to work and without a steady income.  While he waited for his final settlement, litigation funding would have made it possible to maintain a normal financial life.

With an attorney diligently working your pending negligence case, all New Jersey residents qualify for a cash infusion in the form of a lawsuit loan.   Lawsuit funding through a reputable lawsuit lender is a sensible alternate solution to quickly settling with an insurance company and being compensated less than the worth of your case.  If you are a resident of New Jersey searching for a lawsuit lender to provide pre-settlement funding, you should consider Interstate Lawsuit funding for your litigation funding needs.  All lawsuit loans through Interstate Lawsuit Funding are considered non-recourse, which means the client is not obligated to pay back to loan, unless their attorney wins the case. No proof of income or credit check is required to get started, so there is absolutely no risk to the client.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding’s decision to provide lawsuit funding is based solely upon the merit of the case.

Intestate Lawsuit Funding, a reputable lawsuit lender and a leader in litigation funding provides personalized pre-settlement funding and immediate decision lawsuit loans for personal injury. All New Jersey residents are eligible for litigation funding and the application process is fast, approval time is quick, and cash of up to $5,000 is available immediately.


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