Mar 062014

Slip and Fall Cases – Hot Topic in Cold Weather

When you or a loved one gets injured in a slip and fall case inside or outside a place of

slip and fall case

Slipped and fell in or outside a business and have a pending lawsuit? Need cash now in advance of you settlement? We are a direct lender. No middleman. Fast decisions. Click here to fill out our simple 30-Second Application. There is no credit check required.

business – your family can fall behind on bills and get into serious medical debt. Even with an excellent, experienced law firm representing your case, it can take months or even years to reach a settlement. You should not have to deal with further pain from a business’s negligence. A presettlement cash advance will help keep your family stay afloat during this difficult time.

Fall on an Icy Sidewalk?

In February 2014, a woman in Scott County, Iowa was awarded over $1 million as a result of her slip and fall lawsuit. The 54-year-old woman fell on an icy sidewalk in January 2010 at a hotel. These types of slip and fall incidents happen everyday.

Proving fault in a slip and fall accident means showing that the property owner was indeed at fault. Determining liability includes the following:

·      You need to provide evidence that the company actually caused the conditions that led to the fall (worn spots, a spill that was not cleaned up, or loose wiring)

·      You will have to prove that the owner or employee was aware of the danger, but failed to act upon the knowledge

·      You should be able to show that the company (owner or employee) was reasonably expected to have noticed the danger through regular maintenance and property care.

These are three essential parts to a strong slip and fall case. Although many cases are lost because it is determined that personal carelessness is the actual cause of a fall, there are still a significant number cases where victims stand an excellent chance of winning a decent settlement.

Need Cash in Advance of Your Settlement?

If you need financial assistance while you wait for your slip and fall case to be settled, lawsuit funding is a great way to make sure you don’t lose your home or other assets while you are injured. This type of lawsuit loan has helped families all over the country to have peace of mind while they are hurt. A presettlement cash advance can be just what you need.

Using our 30-second application, you can get up to $5,000 from Interstate Lawsuit Funding within 48  hours (depending on the details of your case). There is no credit check required and you do not need to provide proof of employment.

You can keep the loan check because Interstate Lawsuit Funding will be reimbursed through the settlement. In the event that you lose your case, we won’t require you to pay back the loan. It’s just that simple. You have our professional guarantee that this loan will not hurt your personal assets or credit history.

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