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Slip and Fall

Lawsuit Cash Advance-Slip and fall injury

Most likely, you’ve experienced a slip or fall at some point in time. It may be embarrassing or even painful, but it usually won’t affect your quality of life. If your fall happens in a public place, the conditions of that environment may facilitate a slip or exacerbate the effects of the fall. If you can show the business is responsible for the incident, you may be able to file a claim. Even still, litigation in a slip and fall case may take months to years to resolve. During that time, you may still be able to receive funds from your case win with a lawsuit loan even before it’s finished.

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To determine if you can make a valid claim in the first place, it needs to be shown that there were hazardous conditions on the property that facilitated the fall. These may include wet floors, product spills, debris and more. If the business has caused the conditions or allowed them to continue before your accident, they compromise a reasonable degree of safety to which patrons are entitled. This can only be shown if the owner of the business has prior knowledge of existing hazards. Proving fault in a case of this nature can be complicated and long, but your needs don’t stop because of it.

Though making a slip and fall claim can be a burden, you can still receive compensation before your case is settled with a lawsuit loan from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Injuries sustained from a slip and fall may require medical testing, time off from work and an unnecessary decline in your quality of life. You may not be able to get by when your medical expenses take away from the income you use for bills on top of the fact that you may be off from work for an extended period. With a cash advance on your lawsuit or settlement, you can get the money you need when you need it to cover your most important priorities.

Sustaining an injury from a fall accident adds enough suffering and changes to your life. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be stuck in any more of a bind than you have to be. Consider taking a litigation loan to help you get through your trying situation.





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