Sep 162013

Timeshare Fraud Case Qualifies For Lawsuit Funding

At least 1500 Washington State residents who were victimized by timeshare and travel fraud are going to get a cash settlement.

This news was recently announced by Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  The state has recovered approximately $1.2 million dollars from Jonathan Gibbs, who, with his wife, Christine, have been handling over 30,000 timeshare transfers across the country.

Attorney General Ferguson said the money recovered from Gibbs will pay each victim from the State of Washington between $1,000 and $20,000, as well as all attorney fees.

While waiting for their case to settle, these victims were eligible for a lawsuit cash advance.

While a case is in litigation, victims can tap into a portion of the settlement they expect to get. There’s no credit check or application fee and there’s no requirement to even pay the money back until and unless the case ends with a successful settlement.

Essentially,  lawsuit funding is a no-risk way to assure your case will put money in your pocket to use however you wish…even if you don’t win your case.

It’s simple and straightforward and it all starts with out simple 30-Second Application.

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