Dec 022013

Animal Attack Lawsuit Funding

Animal Attack Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

Brian Millet, who was attacked by an uncontrolled pit-bull while delivering a package, could

lawsuit for animal attach, dog bite

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qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

In this case, Millet alleges that despite several complaints about the loose pit bull, the local authorities failed to impound the dog. During his regular route to deliver a package, he was attacked by the dog and sustained several back injuries while trying to defend himself from the dog. Fortunately, the he was able to escape without a bite.

Millet filed the suit against the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office as he claims that he department did not adhere to the public’s warning and took no effort to safeguard the public from the pit bull.

Typically, lawsuits are against the owner of the dog that caused the damage or injury, and every state holds the owner strictly liable for injuries caused by such animal attacks. Mail carriers and delivery people are at most risk from such animal attacks, with over 2.5 million dog attacks occurring every year.

Millet could be eligible to receive a lawsuit loan until his case is settled.

For individuals with a lawsuit who need cash now, a pre-settlement cash advance is available in the form of a no-risk, no-credit check lawsuit loan. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is able to help individuals like Mr. Millet while the lawsuit is settled. Such a loan provides a unique opportunity in that it requires no credit check or proof of income.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide loans up to $5,000 based solely on the merits of the case.

Please use the simple 30-second application on our Home page to apply. If your case qualifies, we would be able to send you a check within 48-hours for the money you require.

The lawsuit loan money is for you to keep and use however you wish. We will be paid back when the case settles. If your case does not win in court, you will have no personal liability to pay off the loan on your own. Your personal valuables and your credit history are not at risk with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

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