Jun 272017

Injured in an Accident and Need Money Now?

Everyone has seen the commercials on TV featuring lawyers with sad, serious faces wanting you to call them when you have been injured in some type of accident.  Many are eager to help you file a lawsuit, but what do you do for funds while you wait for your lawsuit to be decided?  Most people do not have large savings tucked away for emergencies and money can disappear quickly if you can’t work.

This is where we can help you! Before your financial situation becomes dire, call us!

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans Provide Cash You Need Until Your Case is Done

A pre settlement lawsuit loan is just what it sounds like – a loan given based on the lawsuit you have already filed and one in which you are expecting a cash settlement.  Click here to see if our services are available in your area.

Our lawsuit cash advance loans can get you the money you need to live on while you wait for your settlement.  We base our loans on your lawsuit only – not on your financial needs and not on your credit score.  In fact, we don’t even check your credit score.  All we need to see is the details of your lawsuit and we will make a decision based only on that.  We know you are already under a great deal of stress and we strive to keep the application process as easy as possible for you. That’s why we provide a simple 30-second lawsuit loan application.

Lawsuit Funding Loan Direct Lender

Because we’re a direct lender we make all of our decisions in house. There’s no middle-man, commissions to pay, no application fees, and no delays. You will have your answer quickly and if we can loan you cash, you will receive your money fast, too.

How You Can Use Your Lawsuit Cash Advance

We have no rules about what your money can or can not be used for. The money you receive can be used however you want.  It is none of our business where you spend it.  We want to help you – even if you feel like you have nowhere to turn to for help.  Look to us, first!

It’s so easy to get started, too!  Just fill out the simple application form CLICK HERE or pick up the phone and give us a call.  We know it’s hard to ask for help and we will make it as easy as possible for you.  Don’t wait until your finances are completely taking over your life to make the call.  We are here to help – fill out the form and begin the process today!

Jun 132017

Fast Lawsuit Loans With No Credit Check

We’ve all heard the saying “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  And in many cases, you can believe the wisdom given – but not when it comes to the service we provide.  We have had customers tell us our lawsuit funding loans are too good to be true – but they are true!

Interstate Lawsuit Funding specializes in offering loans to people who are in the middle of a lawsuit and are expecting a cash settlement whenever the lawsuit ends.

These loans are called cash advance settlement loans and they aren’t too good to be true.  We offer them every day to people in your area just like you – people who have been hurt in accidents that were not their fault and who are now waiting for the money they need.

All we need is information about your lawsuit and the settlement you are expecting to receive to make a decision on whether to lend you money or not.  It really is that easy.  We don’t do credit checks and we don’t want to know what you plan to do with the money.  You don’t even have to pay your lawyer with any of it, as they typically take their fee from your settlement.

A cash advance settlement loan can help you through tough times while you recover and wait for your settlement to be finalized.

Few people have emergency savings put away and an accident can really put a strain on finances.  Let us help you rid yourself of that burden so you can focus on healing.

You won’t have to make monthly payments on the loan, nor do we expect repayment until you have your cash settlement in your pocket.

In the rare instance that you lose your lawsuit, you may not even have to repay the loan – at all!  We take all the risk with this type of loan.  All you have to do is call us and start the process.

Any questions you may have will be answered and we won’t pressure you to use our service.  Our goal is to relieve some of the burdens you may be feeling right now – like maybe you have nowhere to turn for the help you need.

We can help – call us or fill out the simple application form CLICK HERE.

It only takes a few seconds and it could change your life.


May 252017

Lawsuit Advance Funding-Get the Cash You Need Now

When you are injured in an accident, the everyday details of life can slip away from you. Your focus is on recovering and that takes all of your energy. Unfortunately, bills still need to be paid and food needs to be purchased. Debt can add up quickly when you aren’t able to work and your recovery can be hindered if you can’t afford your medical needs.

Don’t despair! We have the solution for you – a litigation funding loan. For those who have never heard of this type of loan, they are loans that are given based on the lawsuit you have already filed and the settlement you are expecting to receive.

Lawsuit Cash Advance Provides Relief from Financial Stress

If you’re burdened by financial stress and a lawsuit cash advance loan sounds like something you need, give us a call today. We’ll walk you through the process of applying and getting your money. We’re a direct lender so you’ll get your money fast.

How to Get Money in Advance of Your Lawsuit Settlement

It only takes 30 seconds to apply for a lawsuit funding loan. There’s no credit check. Our decision to lend you money is based solely on the merits of your case. Apply for a lawsuit cash advance loan. CLICK HERE.

It doesn’t matter how you use the money. It’s yours to do with what you wish. Save it or pay bills. Take a much needed trip or try a new therapy for your injury. We won’t ask.

Quick Response is Our Promise-Get Your Money in a Week or Less

You will have an answer quickly and your money can be deposited soon after that. You don’t even have to worry about repaying the loan until you get your settlement.

And, if you should happen to lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to repay the loan.

The quickest way to get the money you need is to fill out the application form CLICK HERE. It takes less than a minute and it can change your life. If approved, your money problems will be solved until you get your settlement and you can focus completely on your recovery from your injuries. We offer our litigation funding loans all over the country.

Once you have filled out your form, one of our loan officers will contact you. During this call, we can ask for more details about your case and you can ask any questions you may have. We know this may sound too good to be true and are sure you have concerns. Ask anything – we want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to apply for a litigation funding loan with us.

Don’t wait too long. Call today and get on the road to financial peace of mind.

May 162017

Being Involved In An Accident Is Traumatic Enough

Being involved in an accident is traumatic enough, but when you add the stress of a lawsuit to that trauma, you may feel you have nowhere to turn for help.  Now, you do!

While you are healing, the last thing you want to worry about is finances, but it is hard to overlook those problems when you are getting phones calls every day from people who want to be paid.

Even after you explain that you are waiting for your lawsuit to settle, you may still be getting calls.

We can help!  We offer presettlement lawsuit funding loans to people who have lawsuits pending all over the country.

Lawsuit funding loans can be used for anything you want – bills, medical needs or even a vacation.  We don’t ask what you are doing with the money and you don’t need to worry about paying us back until your settlement is in your hands.

Our loans are based on the settlement amount you should receive from your lawsuit and on the merits of your case.  Again, you can use our lawsuit funding loans for anything you want.  You know what you need better than we do – we just want to make life a little easier while you recover and wait for your settlement.

Applying for a loan based on your lawsuit has never been easier.  Simply give us a call or fill out our application form CLICK HERE.  It only takes about 30 seconds, but those few seconds can change your life.  One of our experienced customer service representatives will contact you to see how we can help.  Imagine being able to heal without struggling with financial issues.  Stress can slow the healing process – our loans can help you get back to normal faster.

Our settlement advance loans are based only on the merits of your case. No credit check required.

You may be worried about applying because your credit isn’t as good as you would like.  That’s ok – we don’t check your credit scores.

We can give you an answer quickly and get your back on your feet financially while your lawyer handles your case.  You don’t even have to pay your lawyer with this money.  Their fees are taken from the settlement amount.

You have enough to deal with just be trying to recover from your injuries.  Let us help you get rid of struggles with money.  Simply fill out the form below or call us today

Apr 272017

Are you waiting for a lawsuit to be decided so you can get your settlement?

Are you waiting for a lawsuit to be decided so you can get your settlement?  Are your bills piling up because you can’t work due to your injuries caused by an accident?

Have you said, “I need cash, now!”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you.

Being in debt is not fun.  It adds stress to your life and when you are trying to recover from injuries, it is even more difficult to think about how to pay bills and buy food.  When you know you have cash coming – sometime – whenever your lawsuit is settled, it can be extremely frustrating.

This is where we come in.  We understand how hard it can be to handle financial issues and we specialize in litigation funding loans.  Many people have never heard of this type of loan and don’t know to look for one to help their situation.  A litigation funding loan is just what it sounds like.  It is a loan that you may be able to get to help you financially while you wait for your settlement.

A quick phone call to us today can show you how to get your money soon and relieve the financial burden you are stuck under.

Or you can fill out our simple, 30 second application form CLICK HERE and we will contact you with more information.  Don’t worry about your financial past because we don’t look at your credit report.  We base our loans only on your lawsuit and expected settlement.

You also don’t have to worry about making monthly payments on your loan because we don’t expect repayment until you get your cash settlement.  And we won’t ask what you are planning to use the money for – it is yours to spend as you need or want.  Really – take a trip or pay bills, it is your money.

There are probably several questions in your mind right now.  We understand that, but the only way you can get the answers you need is to call us (or fill out our form) right away.  We can help you today – but you need to make the first move.

Call Interstate Lawsuit Funding now and see how soon you can have the cash you have been waiting for.


Mar 272017

Lawsuit Settlement Loan for Those Who Need Cash Now

interstate lawsuit fundingA lawsuit settlement loan is simply a way for people who have been injured in accidents and filed lawsuits for compensation to get an advance on the settlement they are expecting.  While many people might say they would never take out this type of loan, it can be a lifesaver to others.

Why should you apply for a lawsuit settlement loan?

If you are injured in an accident, who knows how long you may be unable to work?  Do you have enough cash saved to carry you through several months of waiting for your lawsuit to be settled?  Your monthly bills won’t go away just because you don’t have the funds to pay them.

This is where a lawsuit settlement loan can be a great help.  You can get your money right away and not have to wait.  You never even have to make monthly payments on the loan – repayment is made when you finally get your settlement cash.

If you need help, call us today! All load decisions are made right here in our office. We are a direct lender. No middleman. No lengthy decision process. No red tape.

We specialize in lawsuit settlement loans and are eager to help you relieve your financial burdens.

We offer our service in most areas of the country. The application process is simple.  All we need is information about your lawsuit and expected settlement amount.  The best part is, we make all of our decisions right here so you don’t have to wait while your application is shuffled from place to place.

We never do credit checks and the money we loan you is yours to spend how you want.

We won’t ask.  Pay bills, save it, have a party – whatever you want to do with the money is your business, not ours. Our concern is getting the money you need and want to you as soon as possible.  Fill out the application form CLICK HERE – it only takes a few seconds – and let us help you.

One of our customer service specialists will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you. Remember, we aren’t worried about your credit report and we don’t expect you to repay the loan until you get your settlement from the lawsuit.  Even if your injuries haven’t prevented you from working, wouldn’t it be nice to have your money?

Why wait for what is yours?  Contact us today and get your money in your pocket where it belongs.  Plan a trip to relax or just be happy knowing that if something does come up, you have the cash to take care of it.  Pick up the phone or fill out the application form CLICK HERE and find out how we can help you get your money fast.

Feb 032017

Slip and Fall

Lawsuit Cash Advance-Slip and fall injury

Most likely, you’ve experienced a slip or fall at some point in time. It may be embarrassing or even painful, but it usually won’t affect your quality of life. If your fall happens in a public place, the conditions of that environment may facilitate a slip or exacerbate the effects of the fall. If you can show the business is responsible for the incident, you may be able to file a claim. Even still, litigation in a slip and fall case may take months to years to resolve. During that time, you may still be able to receive funds from your case win with a lawsuit loan even before it’s finished.

Apply for a Lawsuit Funding Loan. Fill out the simple 30-Second Application. CLICK HERE.

To determine if you can make a valid claim in the first place, it needs to be shown that there were hazardous conditions on the property that facilitated the fall. These may include wet floors, product spills, debris and more. If the business has caused the conditions or allowed them to continue before your accident, they compromise a reasonable degree of safety to which patrons are entitled. This can only be shown if the owner of the business has prior knowledge of existing hazards. Proving fault in a case of this nature can be complicated and long, but your needs don’t stop because of it.

Though making a slip and fall claim can be a burden, you can still receive compensation before your case is settled with a lawsuit loan from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Injuries sustained from a slip and fall may require medical testing, time off from work and an unnecessary decline in your quality of life. You may not be able to get by when your medical expenses take away from the income you use for bills on top of the fact that you may be off from work for an extended period. With a cash advance on your lawsuit or settlement, you can get the money you need when you need it to cover your most important priorities.

Sustaining an injury from a fall accident adds enough suffering and changes to your life. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be stuck in any more of a bind than you have to be. Consider taking a litigation loan to help you get through your trying situation.





Jan 162017

Pre Settlement Funding for Slip and Fall Case

Icy conditions, especially on uneven sidewalks or bumpy parking lots, can be highly dangerous. There are numerous slip and fall claims settled each year. Have you been injured in a slip and fall? If you already have a lawyer and you need cash, you can borrow money against the settlement you expect in the future.

Lawsuit Loans Give You Access to the Cash You Need Now

It takes time to settle your case. Some times months or even a year or more. A lawsuit cash advance will give you a portion of the money you expect in your settlement now. You may use it however you wish. Whether it’s to pay rent, pay for food, your phone bill, or anything you want. It’s your money, to do with whatever you please.

Apply for a Lawsuit Funding Loan. Fill out the simple 30-Second Application. CLICK HERE. There is no credit check. We lend money on the merits of your case.

Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Case

You have a good case and you deserve to be covered for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and possibly even changes you’ll be forced to make in your lifestyle.

Personal injury cases can be complicated and may take a long time to resolve. In the mean time, your bills won’t be taking a break to accommodate your change in lifestyle should you miss work due to injury. Luckily, you can receive money you deserve before your case is even completed.

Slip & Fall is a Common Case Which Qualifies for a Settlement Cash Advance

In the case of a slip and fall, you may sustain injuries that prevent you from enjoying activities you once loved. Even worse, you may suffer serious complications that put you out of work for a long time. You’ll need the financial resources to cover bills and make up for your lost income, but your settlement or lawsuit may take a long time to reach a resolution. You may also seek compensation for your pain and suffering. With litigation funding, you can access a portion of the resources you would get from your case without having to wait until the end. This gives you the freedom to live more comfortably than you would while waiting for the conclusion of a potentially drawn-out case.

While a slip and fall accident may be publicly embarrassing, your image is the least of your concerns. In addition to the physical pain you endure, you may be left in financial strain if you sustain significant injuries that keep you from work. You may even miss out on everyday activities that bring you joy.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident outdoors, you deserve to recover damages owed to you. You can get the compensation you need even before you settle your case with a lawsuit loan. You can’t control the conditions in a fall accident, so you shouldn’t have to carry the burden of any consequences.

Jan 132017

Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Funding

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is one of the most difficult you can make. It is hard to admit they need more help and supervision than you can provide and you want to find a place where they will be well-cared for. After asking for recommendations and checking references on your nursing home options, you choose one and move your loved one in.
After a few months, you realize that when you visit, your loved one doesn’t seem happy and even shares stories about not getting help when he/she needs to use the restroom or to get dressed. You discover other residents have the same complaints and that the nursing home has been neglecting your family member.
Your family member has bedsores and is showing signs of malnutrition and dehydration. You have moved them out of the nursing home, but now what? A lawyer assures you that you have the grounds for a neglect lawsuit, but you need that settlement now to take care of your family.
And this is when you call Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

When you have a pending neglect lawsuit, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can offer you a lawsuit cash advance so you can find the care you need for your family while you wait for your settlement to be sent.

You can fill out our quick online application and in just a few days, you could have your cash advance. This money can be used to care for your family or to fight your lawsuit. How the money is spent does not matter to us.
There is no risk to you, because if you don’t get your settlement, you don’t have to pay us back. You won’t even have to make monthly payments to us because we get our money when you do – as a check from your lawyer. You won’t even have to send us the check! Don’t worry if you have bad credit or no collateral because we don’t check your credit and don’t need collateral.
Interstate Lawsuit Funding is here to help you through this difficult time. Our lawsuit funding can give you the cash you need to be sure your loved one is well taken care of until the lawsuit is settled. We know that caring for your family is your most important goal and we want to help.

Jan 012017

Mining-Related Injuries and Illness

As one of the world’s most dangerous professions, mining poses risks to workers all over the globe. What few realize, however, is that the effects of mining can lead to injury or illness even for those not involved in the profession. When mining accidents occur, they usually cause injury to miners on the scene, but these events also lead to environmental damage, waterway contamination and health problems for people and wildlife.

Health-Related Lawsuits Caused By Toxic Pollution From Mining Projects

The normal processes involved in mining involve the extraction and/or alteration of numerous minerals and chemicals within the earth. These substances and their processing often create pollutants that have serious detrimental effects on human health. If you’ve been affected and are currently involved in a lawsuit for your injuries or illness, you qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance.

Millions of people around the world are affected by mining and related activities that produce substances such as arsenic, mercury, lead and more.

In gold mining, production involves retrieving the precious metal from ores, but this process increases the amount of mercury released into the environment so much that it tops any other industrial process in this regard. Mercury released in this way may act as a neurotoxin that damages the central nervous system.

Gold mining is often done in open air, so there is no barrier stopping the release of toxic substances that may penetrate the air, water or soil. Exposure to toxins such as these can create significant health effects such as respiratory disorders, birth defects, cancers and even death. They may also damage the flora and fauna of nearby areas.

Lawsuit Loans Are Available-No Credit Check

If mining negligence has caused illness for you or your loved ones, you should seek compensation for your suffering. When suffering through medical trauma, time off from work and other injury, the financial strain of everyday expenses adds up. You may have a pending case for compensation, but it helps little if the case gets dragged out for years at a time. In this type of situation, you should be rewarded as you need it. During the process of your lawsuit, you may qualify to receive a cash advance even before your case is settled.

Apply for Lawsuit Funding-It Only Takes 30-Seconds

Along with other dangerous substances, mercury is one of the most deadly pollutants that can make its way into soil and water or even travel miles through the air. Chemicals such as these can accumulate over time for those even outside the mining field. If you have been a victim of mining negligence, you should file suit to cover the effects caused by exposure to toxins you shouldn’t have to accept, and you deserve to have your reimbursement even before your case is settled. Apply for a litigation funding loan now, CLICK HERE.

We are a direct lender. There is no middle man. The decision to send you a lawsuit cash advance is made right here in our office. It’s your money. Apply now.

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