Oct 212015

Is Lawsuit Funding Available for a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and you ‘re working with an attorney, you may be able to get a portion of your settlement in advance with a lawsuit funding loan.

Several months ago, in Ohio, a couple riding a motorcycle slowed down to make a turn. The semi truck behind them did not see the motorcycle slow and hit the back of it.  The man driving the motorcycle was thrown into oncoming traffic and killed instantly.  The woman with him was severely injured and taken from the scene by helicopter.  Waiting at home for them were their three small children.

The Money You Need Now is Available as a Cash Advance Against Your Settlement

In the weeks that followed, the woman had several surgeries to repair her injuries.  The medical bills piled up, not to mention the funeral costs for her husband.  Luckily, the couple had family nearby to care for her children while she recovered in the hospital.  When she was finally released, she was unable to work and had to apply for disability.  Unfortunately, that process takes many months and she desperately needed financial help.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding helps people just like her get the money they desperately need after they file a motorcycle accident lawsuit.  She needed to care for her kids and we could help her do that.  If you need help like she did, fill out the simple 30-Second online application and someone will contact you within one business day.

We are a direct lender which means we don’t have to wait for someone else to make the decision and contact us.  We will let you know in just a few days whether you qualify and how much money you could get with a lawsuit cash advance.  There is no risk to you because if you don’t get your settlement, you don’t pay us a penny.  The money is yours to keep and do whatever you need.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, and have filed a lawsuit, let us help you get the cash you need to take care of your family.

Oct 202015

Lawsuit Loan Application Fees

How much does it Cost to Apply for Lawsuit Funding?

After you file a lawsuit, you may not get your settlement for months or even years.  In the meantime, you have bills to pay and maybe even medical bills for procedures to help you recover from injuries.  Lawsuit funding can provide you with needed cash to take care of your family while you wait for your attorney to settle your suit.

No-Fees. No-Risk. Low Rates. Apply Now for Your Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance

When you contact Interstate Lawsuit Funding, your cost will be nothing.  Yes, you read that right.  We have no application fees, very low interest rates and we only collect payment after you get your settlement.  We can offer these amazing prices because we are a direct lender and have no middle men or brokers to pay.

Everything we do is completely transparent.  We don’t have any fine print on our paperwork that you might not be able to understand.  Our business is to tell you the complete picture so you can decide whether lawsuit funding is right for you.  Your lawsuit cash advance will be based on your possible settlement and not on your credit history or your ability to put up collateral.

You don’t even have to think about making payments on your lawsuit funding.  We get nothing until you get your settlement.  If you don’t get your settlement, you keep the money we gave you.  We don’t expect repayment if you don’t win your lawsuit.  It really is as simple as that.  There is absolutely no risk to you at all.  We’ll give you the money you need to fight your case or to use in any way you want.

We never ask how you plan to use the money – that’s entirely up to you.  We just want you to have the cash you need to take care of your family during this stressful time.  It doesn’t cost anything if you apply for lawsuit funding through our company.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding wants to help people.  That’s the best part of our job.

Oct 202015

How to Apply for Lawsuit Settlement Funding

How do I Apply for Cash from Interstate Lawsuit Funding?

After you have contacted an attorney and filed the necessary paperwork for your lawsuit, it is very easy to apply for lawsuit funding with Interstate Lawsuit Funding’s 30-Second Online Application.  First, go to our website, learn about us and see what we offer.  When you are ready, simply fill out the application you will find on the site.

Fast Funding, No-Risk, No Credit Check. Get Cash Now in Advance of Your Settlement.

It will take you less than a minute to complete the application.  All you need is basic information, such as your name, contact information, the type of lawsuit you have filed and the state where the incident occurred.  Make sure to submit your phone number and email address with your application.

Feel free to call us: 954-946-0487

Within one business day, someone from our office will contact you for more details on your lawsuit.  Again, it is just basic information and we will help you decide how much money you may be able to get for a lawsuit cash advance.  We will also ask for your attorney’s contact information because he/she will need to fill out a simple form for us.

Because we are a direct lender, we don’t have to wait for anyone else to make a decision and you will have an answer within just a few days.  We don’t check your credit score or ask what kind of assets you have for collateral.  No will you have to make payments to us for your loan.  You won’t have to pay us anything until your lawsuit is settled.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding does not require any application fees.  Our paperwork is simple to understand with no fine print and no gimmicks.  We explain everything to you when we contact you to go over your application.  Ask any questions you have – we want to make sure you understand exactly what is happening.

You will have your money in as little as a few days.  This is your money and you should do whatever you need with it.  We will never ask where you spend it.  Once your lawsuit is settled, your attorney will send us the money to pay off the loan.  If you lose the suit, then you don’t have to pay back the lawsuit cash advance.  There is no risk to you at all.

Oct 202015

Get Funding for your Lawsuit Fast

If you have filed a lawsuit, it can seem like your suit will never be settled.

Time never flies when you’re waiting for your case to settle.

Insurance companies can drag cases on for months and meanwhile, your life goes on.  You have bills that need to be paid and perhaps medical bills that are a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault.  You need help financially.

Fast Cash for a Pre-Settlement Advance for Your Case

When you need money quickly, we are the place to call.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding makes all of our decisions right here in our office so you will have an answer in just a few days.  To get started today, go to our 30-Second online application and fill in your information.  The form only takes a minute to fill out and asks for basic information about you and your lawsuit.

Apply for Litigation Funding by Phone

We’re real people and answer the phone! If you prefer to ask us

lawsuit cash advance

Tired of waiting for your suit to settle. Get a cash advance. No-risk,, low rates. Click here to apply

any questions, feel free to pick up the phone and call 954-946-0487

After we receive your application, one of our people will call you within one business day.  We will ask a few more questions about your lawsuit and make our decision based on that.  Don’t worry about your credit score because we won’t ask.  We also never ask about any assets you may have that could be used as collateral.  Your lawsuit cash advance is completely based on the information you and your attorney provide about your settlement.

We provide our services so quickly because we understand that you wouldn’t be reaching out for help unless you were in dire circumstances.  No one likes asking for help and our customer service people are compassionate listeners.  None of this financial situation is your fault, but it can still be hard to ask for help.

It doesn’t matter whether your lawsuit has just been filed or if it is in the final stages.  When you need money, we can help with lawsuit funding.  Let your lawyer fight the insurance companies and we’ll get you the money you need to pay bills and take care of your family while you wait.

Oct 192015

Lawsuit Funding-School Bus Accident

Can a School Bus Accident Lawsuit get Lawsuit Funding?

When a parent puts a child on a school bus, they have a reasonable sense of safety for their

child.  Unfortunately, the worse thing can happen and a child can be hurt or killed on that bus.

Two high school students were recently killed coming home from a football game when their bus was hit by a driver who crossed the solid yellow line.  Several more students were injured.  The driver of the car was not badly injured.

Your Children’s Lawsuit Qualifies for Lawsuit Funding

Many high school students do not have life insurance policies.  So in addition to the pain of losing their child, the parents had to find the money for the funeral.  One child’s parents had to empty their savings account and make payments for the funeral.  The other child’s parents had to take out a traditional loan.  Now that they have both filed lawsuits, they have to wait months or years to get their money.

With the pain of losing their child, neither set of parents is that concerned about financial issues, but they are also struggling to pay bills and are having a hard time functioning at work, resulting in lost pay.  At Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we want to help these devastated parents a little.  We can never help them with the pain of losing a child, but we can make the financial burden a little easier.

Apply Now with our Simple 30-Second Application

We don’t check credit scores and we don’t care about what assets they own.  We base the lawsuit cash advance only on the merits of your lawsuit.  Our rates are very low and there is no application fee.  We keep everything as simple as possible so grieving parents and family members can get the help they need without adding more stress to their lives.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a company that believes helping people in difficult situations is the best part of our jobs.  Call us today so we can help you, too.

Oct 192015

Lawsuit Funding for Burn Case

I was Burned in an Accident – Can I get Lawsuit Funding?

Yes, if you have filed a lawsuit because you were burned in an accident, you may be able to get lawsuit funding from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Ligation Funding or Lawsuit Cash Advance for Burn Victims

After you have filed the necessary paperwork for your burn lawsuit, you can contact us for help in requesting lawsuit funding from our company.

Any burn can be a serious health problem.  If you have been burned, you may not be able to work and it can take months for you to recover from your injury.  Serious burns may require reconstructive surgery and even physical therapy before you are fully healed.  This means months of being off work and months of bills piling up on you.

Low Interest Rates for Funding Your Pre-Settlement Advance

Unless you have a family member who can help you financially, or a large savings account, you may be in serious trouble quickly.  Few people have enough cash saved for emergencies.  Our interest rates are among the lowest in the industry. That’s why so many people turn to Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

We have a very quick online application for you to fill out with just basic information.  We call it The 30-second Application. Fill it out and one of our decision makers will contact you within one business day.  We’ll get more information from you and give you an answer fast on whether you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance and how much you may be able to get.

This isn’t like a traditional loan.  We don’t ask about your assets or what your credit score is.  Our decision is only based on your lawsuit and how much of a settlement you are expecting.  You won’t have to make any payments on your advance and if you don’t get your settlement, you keep the cash advance.  That’s right – there is absolutely no risk to you!  Contact us today to see how we can help your through your difficult time.

Aug 172015

Considering Lawsuit Funding? Learn About the Benefits of this Type of Loan

This article will shed some light on how and why lawsuit funding loans can benefit plaintiffs who are waiting for their legal case to come to a conclusion.

Lawsuit Funding Loans Bridge the Gap While Your Attorney Fights the Insurance Company Lawyers

Insurance companies hire top lawyers to fight against you, the plaintiff because they are not really in the business to pay out money to you. The lawyers for the insurance companies are hired to preserve their big fat bank balances, and try like heck not to pay you.

Lawsuits can take months or years to settle or to finally get their date in court. Meanwhile, you, the plaintiff is often left in dire straits, unable to pay your bills…unable to survive.

Plaintiffs come to us for money to help them get through the tough times.

For example, a plaintiff may have a case seeking $50,000 in damages.  We can loan him or her a substantial amount of money without any credit check or collateral. You would pay us back only if you settle your case.    Learn more about how lawsuit funding works.

A $5,000 cash advance by my company could help you with rent, and food for several months.  Food and shelter aside, the lawsuit funding cash advance loan does something else which is very powerful: it allows the lawyer for you the plaintiff’s to stand strong against the negotiations of the defendant.  Defendants’ lawyers try to break down the plaintiff’s will to fight the case, thus creating the willingness to accept a lesser settlement.

Insurance lawyers know that you the plaintiff will run out of money and become desperate and settle for less.

Lawsuit financing is secured only by the final outcome of a case or a settlement. If you don’t win a settlement, you do not pay us back.

We provide cash to people in a lawsuit who need money now while they buy time to let their attorney fight for their just settlement.

If you are in a case and you need money now while you wait for your case to conclude, fill out our simple 30-second application. There’s no credit check and no risk. Find out how much money we can send you.

Jul 152015

How To Know if You Qualify for Lawsuit Settlement Funding

How to Qualify for Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Each year, thousands of people file lawsuits for personal injuries, wrongful death and

lawsuit funding companies

If you have a strong case and expect a significant settlement, you probably quality for a pre-settlement cash advance.

more. The victims of such incidents are sometimes eligible for compensation. The amount of compensation that they receive for their lawsuits can vary depending on the level of neglect and the amount of damages to the victim’s person and property. The negative side of personal injury litigation is the waiting period. Some offenders settle out of court to avoid media coverage, and other offenders stretch the suit out for years hoping that they will never have to make payment. Sometimes, the judge will award the victim a settlement, but he or she will have to wait for months or years before a check comes. In the meantime, the victim has to worry about paying the bills and surviving. Lawsuit settlement funding can help to carry a person through until the check hits the mail.

What Is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding, also known as litigation funding, is third-party funding from a generous lender that wants to see the victim survive. Anyone who is in the middle of a case can quality for such funding. The applicant does not have to have good credit, collateral or special assets. The person only has to have a legitimate personal injury case that seems promising. The lender can supply loans based on the projected settlement for a personal injury, medical malpractice or employment law case.

How to Get a Litigation Cash Advance

Getting a litigation cash advance requires that the victim have a discussion with a loan specialist. The loan specialist will gather some information about the nature of the case and the amount that the attorney expects to get. If the loan seems promising, the lender will forward the funds so that the borrower can live his or her life without stressing over money. The borrower will have to sign a contract for the loan, but the lender will cut a check shortly thereafter.

Eligible Loan Amounts

A borrower can receive a loan amount of up to $25,000 in most cases. Sometimes, the lender will approve a loan of more than $25,000. The best part about lawsuit funding is that the borrower does not have to repay the loan if the lawyer does not win the case. No application fees or installment payments apply. The borrower repays the advance only if the case goes his or her way. An interested person can call 954-946-0487 to find out more about litigation funding.

May 042015

How Repayment is Made On a Lawsuit Funding Loan

Lawsuit settlement funding is a no-risk way to get cash in advance of your settlement.

Repaying a lawsuit funding loan is you lawyer’s responsibility.

Pre-settlement lawsuit cash

Need cash? We can fund your settlement fast. Call today.

 You, the recipient need not take out your checkbook to either apply for or repay your loan.

The decision to fund your case has much to do with your attorney’s cooperation.  If you are seeking a pre-settlement cash advance, the attorney must agree to fill out some standard forms in order that the lender is named as a lien holder against the final settlement.

When you, the plaintiff are awarded your settlement, the money is deposited into your attorney’s escrow account. That’s when the attorney takes their fees, deducts expenses and pays lien holders.  That’s when we get paid.

When you borrow money from Interstate Lawsuit Funding, you don’t pay us back at all until and unless you win your case case or a settlement. If we lend you money and your case fails, you keep the money with no obligation to pay.  It’s a very unique loan for this reason.

We hope you will choose Interstate Lawsuit Funding because we’re fair, we act quickly and we’re a direct lender, not a middle man or a broker.  We make the decision to lend you money right here in our office.

If you have a case and a lawyer, chances are you qualify for a loan. You need no credit references and no collateral. Just fill out our simple 30-second application or call us at 954-946-0487

Apr 202015

How Does a Lawsuit Loan Work?

Who qualifies for a Lawsuit Funding Loan?

This kind of loan is eligible to anyone who has a lawyer and is pursuing a case that is going to produce a cash reward. The settlement process takes several months, during this time, the plaintiff needs cash.

Which types of law cases that can be funded?

The kinds of cases includes property liability, personal injury lawsuit loans, cases based on employment, medical malpractice, negligence, and the list is endless depending on the credibility of winning a cash award or settlement.

How does lawsuit funding work?

You do not need physical collateral, assets or good credit. In fact, there’s no credit check required. There are also no monthly payments. The criteria all depends on if your attorney feels your case will eventually lead to a cash settlement in court, you most likely qualify for a lawsuit cash advance

Lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding, litigation funding, lawsuit cash advance…these are the commonly used terms to describe our business.

In instances where the plaintiff suffers personal injury and is unable to work or make enough money to meet life’s daily needs, a financial lawsuit fund comes in handy. Giving a plaintiff cash advance in hope for a successful cash court settlement is referred to as lawsuit fund.

A presettlement cash advance can be used for whatever you want. You can use the loan for anything you want. It can be for a vacation, a new TV, a kitchen set…it doesn’t matter.  The money is yours to keep and use for anything you wish.

So this means that there is no risk to borrowers. The money only gets paid back when the case is settled. The amount of money loaned depends on various factors, like the merit of the case and a lot of other considerations from your lawyer.

Interstatelawsuitfunding.com is a direct lender site that doesn’t sell their services via sales people or brokers so that they can give the best rates to their plaintiffs. Whenever there’s a sales representative or a broker as a middleman, there’s a higher cost incurred so as to pay commission to the broker. The decisions of whether to fund a plaintiff via this site are made in-house meaning that the decision is made faster compared to other firms.

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