Dec 052013

Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans in Birmingham, Alabama and Surrounding Areas

Injured, have a pending lawsuit and need cash now?

As Alabama ranks high in the production of livestock, poultry, corn, wheat, and vegetables,

Lawsuit loans in Alabama

If you need cash quickly, you don’t need to wait until your case settles. Click the map to get funds fast.

residents of Birmingham, Alabama are familiar with the hazards of farm equipment, especially moving farm equipment on the roadways.  These over-sized pieces of equipment can cause unsafe conditions to the operator and to those around the machinery, easily resulting in a personal injury case.  The main causes of accidents involving farm equipment on rural roads include other vehicles driving at unacceptably high speeds and the dangerous act of vehicles trying to pass the equipment.

If you are operating farm machinery on rural Birmingham roads, there are ways to help minimize hazardous situations:

  • Try to avoid high traffic times of the day.
  • Keep your attention on the road at all times.  Avoid the distraction of cell phone use.
  • Look out for road debris and potholes.
  • Always be mindful of other vehicles traveling at higher speeds.
  • Make sure the equipment is properly equipped with visible headlights and warning signs.

This is just one example of the types of personal injury cases that could qualify Birmingham residents for an immediate decision lawsuit loan through Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  Plaintiffs with a pending personal injury suit that need money fast can start by filling out the 30-second application to receive immediate litigation funding.  The decision to provide pre-settlement funding is quick, and immediate funding up to $5,000 can be available in as soon as 24 to 48 hours.

Intestate Lawsuit Funding works with plaintiffs all across Birmingham, Alabama on many different case types including slip and fall, car accident, medical malpractice, discrimination, personal injury, and more (see Types of Cases We Fund).  Securing a lawsuit loan cash advance while your case goes through litigation can be crucial.  The litigation process, depending on the complexity of the case, can be long, drawn out, and daunting not to mention can leave the plaintiff financially deflated.  No one wants to settle with insurance companies for the minimum amount, and quite frankly, you shouldn’t.  If you’ve hired an attorney to take on your case, chances are your case has credibility and shouldn’t be undermined by the selfishness of insurance companies.  While your attorney works to get you the settlement you deserve, Interstate Lawsuit Funding’s highly trained loan professionals can work to get you the lawsuit loan cash advance you need.

All cash advance lawsuit loans offered through Interstate Lawsuit Funding are considered nonrecourse, which means the plaintiff only pays back the loan if their attorney successfully wins the case.  Otherwise, there is no obligation to the client, no credit check to get started, and no repercussion for applying. The decision to provide funding is based solely upon the merit of your case.

If you are a resident of Birmingham, Alabama or live in the surrounding area and need a lawsuit loan cash advance, take advantage of Interstate Lawsuit Funding’s quick and efficient application process.  The good news is that you don’t have to sit on the side-line in a financially stressful situation while your lawsuit plays out.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding specializes in immediate decision pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs in and around Birmingham.  We promise a quick decision, fast funding and notable expertise.   Start your application here.

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