Mar 132014

Whiplash: An Auto Accident Injury

Whiplash Settlement Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

Whiplash from car accidents and collisions are quite common. While most people walk away

whiplash injury case

Whiplash can result in a chronic pain injury requiring a lifetime of management and treatment. Injured persons could be facing a large cash settlement. You may be qualified for instant access to a portion of your settlement cash. To find out how much money we can send you, click here to fill out our simple 30-Second application.

from these accidents with minor injuries, these injuries can persist and could affect the daily lives of these individuals. No matter how minor the injury, a car accident could possibly affect employment and normal lifestyle. A common injury sustained in such accidents is whiplash.

Injuries like whiplash and related injuries are caused by immediate jerked reaction on the neck. This usually occurs when there is a sudden stop or car collision with another car or object. It is quite common of passengers in the back seats of the car to feel whiplash when rear-ended by another car as well the as driver and front-passenger of the car that rear-ended. The force of the jolt from the impact puts strain on the neck, as it is moving forward inside the car. The stretched tendon in the neck or spine can range from minor to permanent.

If you are injured or find yourself with a whiplash injury from an auto-accident, a whiplash settlement might be something you should consider in order to cover your medical costs and any financial losses you might have incurred from temporary or permanent employment loss. It should be considered that whiplash injuries might not be immediately noticeable and will take a few days to realize the full extent of the injury.

Your automotive or health insurance could protect you from such injuries but that is not always the case. Of course, the claim can only be made if there were actual medical costs involved with the injury. If there were no professional consultations or treatments at a medical facility, then a whiplash settlement cannot be made. But depending on the degree the injury, the settlement can be negotiated directly with the insurance company by you. Smaller injuries are easier to get settlement than more serious injuries, but a lawyer could get the best settlement from your insurance provider.

For individuals with a whiplash lawsuit who need cash now, a pre-settlement cash advance is available in the form of a no-risk, no-credit check lawsuit loan from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide loans up to $5,000 based solely on the merits of the case.

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That check is for you to keep, and we will be paid back through the settlement amount. If your case does not win in court, you will have no personal liability to pay off the loan on your own. Your personal valuables and your credit history are not at risk with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

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