Dec 102013

Lawsuit Funding in Juneau, Alaska

Plaintiffs in Juneau, Alaska Qualify for Immediate Decision Lawsuit Loans

Every year, many people in the state of Alaska suffer serious injuries in car accidents

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Residents of Alaska who have a case but need money NOW can get a lawsuit cash advance. Click the picture.

usually caused by the negligence of one of the drivers involved.  In Juneau, Alaska a 78-year-old man was involved in a vehicle collision with a 61-year-old-woman.  Both vehicles endured $5,000 in damages.  The 78-year-old-man was later cited for negligent driving.  If the woman involved in the accident sustained injuries due to his negligence, she could hire an attorney to take on her personal injury case.  She could also apply for a quick decision lawsuit loan with Interstate Lawsuit Funding to provide her pre-settlement funding of up to $5,000 while her attorney works her case.

All residents of Juneau and the surrounding area are eligible for litigation funding for personal injury claims.  Besides car accidents, aviation accidents are common in and around Juneau.   Alaskans fly much more frequently than other residents of the United States. Research conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration suggests human error and negligence as well as equipment failure play a major part in the cause of these accidents.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding will provide immediate decision pre-settlement funding for personal injury cases and negligence cases to those Juneau residents with a pending case.  Plaintiffs with a pending suit that need money fast can qualify for enough cash to help maintain household bills, medical bills, or simply use for leisure.  Securing a lawsuit loan cash advance while a case goes through litigation can be necessary.  Litigating a case can take months, even years and through that process it’s important the plaintiff is able to live a normal life.  Without an easy accessible stream of cash, this may not be possible.

Intestate Lawsuit Funding works with plaintiffs all across Juneau, Alaska on many different case types including harassment, slip and fall, animal attack, car accident, , discrimination, medical malpractice, personal injury, negligence and more (see Types of Cases We Fund).

Plaintiffs with a pending suit that need quick cash can start by filling out the 30-second application to receive immediate litigation funding.  The decision to provide pre-settlement funding is quick, and immediate funding up to $5,000 can be available in as soon as 24 to 48 hours.

The good news is that all cash advance lawsuit loans offered through Interstate Lawsuit Funding are nonrecourse loans, so the plaintiff only pays back the loan if their attorney successfully wins the case.  Otherwise, there is no obligation to the client, no credit check to get started, and no repercussion for applying. The decision to provide funding is based solely upon the merit of your case.

If you are a resident of Juneau, Alaska or live in the surrounding area and need a lawsuit loan cash advance, take advantage of Interstate Lawsuit Funding’s quick and efficient application process.  You don’t have to sit around worrying about how to manage your finances while you wait for your lawsuit to settle. Interstate Lawsuit Funding specializes in immediate decision pre-settlement funding. We promise a quick decision, fast funding and notable expertise.   Start your application here.

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