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Jun 042014

Settlement Loans Available for Whiplash Injury

If you have a case, you can get a settlement cash advance

Being in a automobile accident is a serious situation and often times, an injury known as whiplash lawsuit fundingwhiplash will occur causing the victim serious pain and discomfort. People who suffer from this serious medical condition can often be forced to miss work and lose valuable wages.

Get Money Now For Your Whiplash Accident Lawsuit

One of the most common auto mobile accidents that cause whiplash involve rear end crashes. These types of crashes cause the neck to be violently shaken and results in whiplash. Whiplash can be very damaging to the neck muscles and if it goes untreated it could result to a long-term injury.  If you don’t have a lawyer, get one.  If you have one, he or she will fight for your rights.  Get the settlement you deserve and if you need cash now, contact us.

Every year millions of Americans are faced with this problem. Being injured can cause a serious disruption to your life. Not only will you be out of work but the pain and suffering you will endure can really put a damper on you.

It’s important to report whiplash right away.

Whiplash is very hard to detect if too much time has passed after the accident. People who are involved in an accident involving an automobile should immediately seek proper medical attention before it’s too late. It’s very common for injuries to manifest gradually so it’s vital to get checked out by a physician and contact a lawyer.  Also, personal injury lawyer should always be consulted after an accident to help you document your injury.

Keep good records-document everything

Another thing that is vital to your case is to document all medical procedures and test that you have. Keeping track of these expenses will help you be reimbursed after you win your case. It can also help prove that you have suffered serious and painful injury due to negligence.

Get the funding you need to prove your case

Being injured can cost you a lot of money. But we know life goes on while you wait for your case to settle. Luckily, there is a company that is dedicated to providing you with the litigation funding necessary to prove your case.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a company that can make your day brighter and get you the money you need to win your lawsuit. A fair interest rate and fast service are two things that we are very proud of. We are direct lenders so you will never have to deal with a third party to get your money.

Contact us today and begin the quick loan process to get the lawsuit advance loans you need. There is no need to run your credit and we don’t ask anything about your income. As long as you have a good case we can help. Call today 954-946-0487 or go online and get started.

May 192014

Victim in Negligent Driving Case- Get Cash Now in Advance of Settlement

This is a case of negligent driver as the the cause of a car accident.

If You Have a Case as a Result of an Automobile Accident You

Car accident near JFK Airport

Distracted driving causes accidents. If you’ve been hurt as a result, you have a case and can qualify for a cash advance loan on your settlement.

Can Get a No-Risk Cash Advance Loan with No Credit Check

Here is an interesting case of a car accident on the way to JFK Airport in New York

Famous Astrophysicist Being Sued For Negligence

Host of the famous show “Cosmos” Neil deGrasse Tyson, will be in court facing negligence charges stemming from an automobile accident that he was involved in. According to reports, Tyson is being sued for 5 million dollars by a New York City man. He claims Tyson collided into him while traveling near the John F. Kennedy International Airport on the Van Wyck Expressway.

Tyson who claimed to have simply zoned out during the accident, also collided with another car before slamming into the plaintiff’s Mercedes causing the damage which sparked the lawsuit. Tyson who doesn’t deny the charges, said he wasn’t paying attention in the moment’s right before the accident.

The civil trial is expected to begin soon and will be held at the New York Supreme Court. No details on just how this trial may play out.

What to do if YOU are a victim of a negligent driver?

If you find yourself dealing with a case similar to the one above, the first thing you should do is call 911. Calling the police to the scene is the law in many states and this will allow you to have a detailed report of the accident. Also ask for medical attention, even if you don’t feel like you are hurt. Often times, shock will prevent you from feeling pain.

Get a Lawyer to Represent You. 

After the accident make sure to follow through and file a lawsuit. Even if you feel better the next day, your injuries may take weeks and sometimes even months to show up. Don’t get stuck with expensive medical bills and loss of pay. Filing a law suit and help protect yourself from any further damage caused by negligence.

Tap Into a Piece of Your Settlement Cash Now

If you have a case but you want to tap into some of that cash now, Interstate Law Suit Funding can help you get it. It doesn’t matter if you need it to buy food or medicine or to treat yourself to a much-needed vacation or a new bedroom set.  When we lend you money, it’s yours to keep and use any way you wish.

There’s no credit check. We loan you the money based upon the merit of your case.

If you have been injured and you have a solid case, Interstate Law Suit Funding can give you lawsuit advance loans because we know life goes on while waiting for your case to settle.  Click here to fill out our simple 30-Second Application.

Contact us today and get the money you need. Visit our website at for details.


Have you already been awarded a settlement but need the cash now? Call 954-946-0487 or go online today and find out about our settlement advance services.

May 092014

Slip and Fall Injuries in Augusta GA. Qualifies for Lawsuit Funding Loans

In Augusta, Georgia hundreds of slip and fall accidents send residents of the Garden City to the emergency room each year. These all too common accidents are often times due to negligence and can be prevented. Sadly, many sustain life long injuries and are faced with months of therapy and in severe cases even multiple surgeries.lawsuit funding in Augusta GA

What are the causes of most slip and fall accidents?

The causes of slip and fall accidents vary and often times happen while people are out shopping. Grocery stores are notorious for being the cause of these types of accidents. Liquid spilled down the grocery aisle that are left unattended can be slippery and lead to serious injury. Another grocery store hazard is falling merchandise. Careless employee’s often stock heavy products on the top shelf causing it to fall and strike people in the head and send them to the ground.

 Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Injuries Both Qualify for Cash Advance Loans

The parking lot is another place that slip and fall accidents commonly take place. A wet parking lot that hasn’t been properly marked with caution signs can cause people to slip and fall, ending up face down on the hard asphalt. Sidewalks are another hard surface that causes injuries. Thoughtless building and business owners often overlook uneven sidewalks that could cause people to trip resulting in broken bones and lacerations.

In 2014, ice storms plagued Georgia and were responsible for slip and fall injuries state wide.

What to do if a slip and fall accident happens to you

If you have been the unlucky victim of a slip and fall accident, the first thing you should do is call for help. Don’t try to get up on your own because you can further injure yourself. Once help has arrived and you have received treatment for your injury, make sure to report your injury to the manager.If you are able to take a picture of the area that caused your accident, it is important to save it for future reference.

 We Can Help You if You Already Have a Lawyer for Personal Injury Case.

The next step that is very important is to call a lawyer to discuss your case. Don’t wait around to do this because time is a factor when it comes to slip and fall cases. An attorney that specializes in personal injury is probably the best kind of lawyer to represent you.

Don’t give up on your case due to lack of money

Often times, people end up settling because they’re running out of money. This doesn’t have to happen. If you are faced with this situation, there is a company that can lend you the money you need. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a lending company that specializes in lawsuit advance loans and litigation funding.  There’s no risk to you and no credit check required.

Our company has a great track record for offering low-cost loans, helping people get through the legal process. Loans with interest rates as low as 1.5% can help you tap into the cash you need now. Life goes on while you wait for your case to settle.  Let Interstate Lawsuit Funding help you with a quick cash infusion

The process is simple.  It starts with our simple 30-Second Online Application or you can give us a call at 954-946-0467.

Apr 182014

Injured in NJ Auto Accident-Case of Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving in the State of New Jersey Can Lead to Personal Injury Lawsuit

Distracted driving has been associated with approximately 1.4 million car accidents over

lawsuit lenders

An accident resulting from texting and driving is an act of NEGLIGENCE. If you’ve been injured, you have the right to receive a cash advance against your settlement. It takes only 30 seconds to apply. Click Here Now.

the past 10 years in the state of New Jersey, according to the state’s Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman.  Between the years of 2004 and 2013, over 1,600 people died in car crashes where driver inattention played a key role.  Unfortunately, the issue of distracted driving seems to be getting worse throughout the state.

 Distracted Driving Considered Negligence

Negligence is a primary cause of car crashes in New Jersey and grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit.  New Jersey’s Acting Attorney General pointed out that while fatal car crashes and auto accidents are on a decline in the state, the number of those accidents being attributed to distracted driving continues to rise.  In the year 2004, car crashes as a result of an inattentive driver was ranked at 42%, reaching a high at 53% in 2013.

 Texting and Driving Accidents

To crack down on negligent driving, the National Highway of Traffic Safety Administration created the “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” campaign, a three week-long movement, that was in effect until April 21, which penalized and summoned drivers using cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Cell phone use while driving is a huge factor in fatal accidents seen across the state.  Not only does distracted driving affect the driver of the vehicle, but also the passengers and occupants in surrounding vehicles.  According to, a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Management Group of New Jersey revealed, “Though 9 out of 10 people presumed it was against the law to text and drive in the Garden state, 3 in 10 admitted to sending and/or reading text messages while driving.”   Currently, drivers in New Jersey who are cited for using a cell phone while driving are penalized with a $100 fine.  In July 2014, that fine will increase to a minimum of between $200 and $400 for the first time offense, and between $400 and $600 for the second.

 Loss of Income Due To Injuries

If you’ve been in an accident in the state of New Jersey due to the negligence and inattentive driving of someone else, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed.  During the ligation process, a lawsuit lender may be something to consider.  While injuries are usually sustained from a car accident, the degree of injury varies per accident.  Depending on the severity of the injury, going to work may not be an option.  The most practical thing to do in this case is to consider a lawsuit loan cash advance to supplement the possible loss of income you may endure.


With an attorney, New Jersey residents can win the money they deserve for lost compensation, medical bills, hospital bills, and living expenses.  Settling with the insurance company is the easy thing to do, but most plaintiffs are not compensated the entire worth of their case.  Instead, a cash infusion in the form of a lawsuit loan would better suit the injured.  This immediate decision pre-settlement funding can give the plaintiff financial security while their attorney diligently works to win the case.

 Contact a Direct Lender for Fast Funding

Intestate Lawsuit Funding, a reputable lawsuit lender, provides personalized litigation funding and immediate decision lawsuit loans for personal injury. All New Jersey residents are eligible for litigation funding and the application process is fast, approval time is quick, and cash of up to $5,000 is available immediately.

If you are a resident of New Jersey searching for a lawsuit lender to provide pre-settlement funding, you should consider Interstate Lawsuit funding for your cash advance needs. All lawsuit loans through Interstate Lawsuit Funding are considered non-recourse, which means the client is not obligated to pay back to loan, unless their attorney wins the personal injury case. No proof of income or credit check is required to get started, so there is absolutely no risk to you.  Our decision to provide litigation funding is based solely upon the merit of your case.




Mar 172014

Injured in a Car Accident in Oklahoma

Icy Conditions in Oklahoma Cause Deadly Crashes

It’s difficult to recover from a car accident, even more so when the accident results in the

personal injury Oklahoma

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Oklahoma and you’re waiting for your case to settle, you may be able to tap into some of that money now. Click here to find how if your case qualifies for a lawsuit cash advance. Fill out our simple 30-Second Application.

death of a loved one or family member.  The result of a car accident can be expensive medical bills, multiple doctors’ visits, time away from work resulting in lost wages, and sometimes funeral expenses.  Even with an attorney representing your case, the litigation process can take months, sometimes years.  Commonly, a lawsuit loan cash advance can help to ease the financial stress while you wait for your final lawsuit settlement.

The winter of 2014 has been treacherous on the roadways and sidewalks.  Although conditions may not have appeared as bad as they really were, the snowy conditions left many people stuck on highways or unfortunately involved in auto accidents.

During this season’s winter storm the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) reported numerous slick and hazardous road conditions on highways and bridges throughout northern, central, and southern Oklahoma.  ODOT even discouraged travel on the most dangerous days of the storm, warning of slick conditions, black ice, and low visibility in some areas.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported two fatalities after icy highway conditions caused the deadly crash that killed a 63-year-old Duncan, Oklahoma man and one other.  The 63-year-old victim was the passenger in a car that slid on the icy H.E. Bailey Turnpike.  The other victim, Rod Carrol, who stopped to help, was killed when a school bus slid into Duncan’s car consequently hitting Carrol and killing him.

During snowy and icy conditions as we’ve had this winter, motorists are encouraged to do the following to remain safe and to keep others on the roadways safe:

  • Check the conditions of the roads before making the decision to drive.
  • Leave at least 200 feet between your vehicle and salt-trucks and snowplows.  These vehicles need more room than normal vehicles to maneuver.
  • Allow a decent amount of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Allow extra time to get to your desired destination.
  • Be mindful of black ice, which can sometimes look like harmless water puddles.

Your Auto Accident May Qualify for Lawsuit Funding in Oklahoma

If you live in Oklahoma and need presettlement funding in advance of your litigation case finalizing, a lawsuit loan is the best way to bridge the financial gap while you wait for your final settlement.   Qualifying for a lawsuit loan is based solely upon the merits of your case.  There is no credit check or proof of income necessary to apply.  Get started today by filling out the 30-second application.


Mar 122014

Injury Caused By Tire Blowout and Accident

Tire Blowout Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

Tire blowouts can cause some serious vehicle accidents. If you were involved in a accident

car accident injuries

A blown tire could be cause by a defective tire or improper installation. Your injuries could have been the fault of a manufacturer or installer and you could be looking at a large cash settlement. If you need money now while you wait for your case to settle, contact us today. We are a direct lender but there’s no credit check required. Just click here to fill out our simple 30-second application to find out how much money we can send you.

caused by a blowout, you should be aware of a few driver’s legal responsibilities. We will discuss when someone can be held responsible for an accident caused by tire blowout and how it could be avoided.

Driver’s Legal Duties

All drivers are required “by law” to drive at a normal and reasonable circumstances. If the unexpected blowout occurred during normal driving conditions, such as unavoidable debris on the road, no one can be held responsible for the accident. However, unreasonable actions after a sudden flat, such as slamming the brakes or swerving into oncoming traffic, can make that individual liable for all injuries and vehicle damages caused by the unreasonable actions.

Duty to Inspect

Every vehicle owner should inspect his or her vehicle to spot any problems before it becomes too late. This does not mean you need to know every aspect of fixing a car, but enough to identify something is wrong.

Tires are very easy to maintain. For instance, noticing the thread of the tires or noticeable defects in the tire is the vehicle owner’s responsibility. If the owner is sued after a blowout, the owner cannot claim to have not known of the problem, because the law requires the owner to be aware of all things associated with the car.

In case the problem was not obvious but had persisted for weeks or months, an automotive specialist who has worked on the car and could have discovered the defect can be held liable. While it is up to the jury to decide who is ultimately liable, all of these factors will be taken into consideration.

Manufacturer and Installer Liability

As mentioned before, an automotive specialist can be held responsible if it was not detected in the last time the car was thoroughly checked. This includes not installing the tires properly or installing the wrong type of tire. However, manufacturers can also be held responsible for a defective tire if the blowout was caused by a manufacturing design error. Retailer can also be held for damages if the tire was damaged at the showroom.

Getting Legal Advice

If you do end up in a blowout lawsuit, some expert legal advice might be necessary, especially to determine who is liable and whether the accident could have been prevented. An attorney can handle complicated legal issues to deal with manufacturing or installation defects.

If you find yourself in a lawsuit caused by a tire blowout, you would be eligible for a pre-cash settlement from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

For individuals with a lawsuit who need cash now, a pre-settlement cash advance is available in the form of a no-risk, no-credit check lawsuit loan. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is able to provide such a loan giving a unique opportunity for fast access to cash which requires no credit check or proof of income.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide loans up to $5,000 based solely on the merits of the case.

If your case is dealing with tire blowout, you would qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance. Please use the simple 30-second application on our Home page to apply. If your case qualifies, we would be able to send you a check within 48-hours for the money you require.

That check is for you to keep, and we will be paid back through the settlement amount. If your case does not win in court, you will have no personal liability to pay off the loan on your own. Your personal valuables and your credit history are not at risk with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.









Mar 032014

Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk Driving Lawsuits Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

Pre-settlement cash advance loans to individuals involved with injuries caused by drunk

lawsuit funding for drunk driving injuries.

Injured by a drunk driver? You have a settlement coming your way but need some of that cash now. Call us right now or Click Here to fill out our simple 30-Second Application. We respond fast and send your money fast because we know life goes on while you wait for your case to settle.

driving are available in 46 states plus Washington, DC. Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. Even a slight impairment could mean a severe injury to someone else. Drunk driving causes numerous losses in human lives as well as property damage.

While auto accidents happen at any time, drunk driving is an unnecessary risk to one-self and others that should avoided at any cost. Since such accidents are preventable, it could be argued that these cannot be considered accidents; instead, they are acts committed with intent, i.e. the driver knew s/he was under the influence before deciding to drive.

Drunk Driving Injury Statistics

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), in 2012, 10,322 people died from drunk driving crashes, which comes to nearly one death an hour. But when considering the number of injuries, that number climbs to nearly 350,000, or nearly one injury every 90 seconds. While MADD been one of the contributors to lowering percentage of drunk driving deaths from 60% in 1982 to 37% in 2007, there are still a lot of injuries that take place every day that could easily be avoided.

Here are a few more statistics:

  • Drunk driving is the leading criminal cause of death in the US.
  • More that 40% of motor vehicle accidents have alcohol involved.
  • Repeated offenders of drunk driving cause 60% of all alcohol-related injuries.
  • Drunk driving accidents cost the US $132 Billion a year.

If you or your family finds yourselves with a personal injury claim resulting from drunk driving, Interstate Lawsuit Funding will be able to help with the costs. Unfortunately, the high expense of legal costs in the US affects most families with such lawsuits. Without any fault of their own, families find themselves in a midst of a lawsuit and medical costs when an important family member, sometimes the main source of income for the family, is injured or killed in the accident.

This can be a very stressful process that can push the families into financial burden very quickly, even before an insurance settlement is made. This is where a pre-settlement cash loan could ease the burden, at least the financial one.

This fast, affordable, risk-free funding is not really a loan at all; the cash advance, which could be up to $5,000, is based solely on the merits of the case and can reach the family in less than 48 hours. This means there is no need for credit checks or proof income. If you do not win your case, then we will not require you to pay off the loan. We guarantee the loan will not affect your personal valuables or credit history.


Mar 012014

Hurt in a Business

Personal Injury Inside a Place of Business Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loaninjured inside a business

A potential personal injury lawsuit is a risk that every business has to take that brings in customers into their premises. Even when businesses avoid lawsuits for many years, one lawsuit is enough to bankrupt the business, especially smaller ones. This high price is due to insurance and other costs apart from just the lawyer fees.

Every customer has the right to feel safe when stepping into a store or business and the business is required to provide a safe environment. If the business fails to meet the requirements, and a customer is injured, the customer can sue the business for the resulting injuries.

Personal injuries by customers have to be proven through three main factors:

  • Duty of care owed by the business to it’s customers
  • Breach of duty of care
  • Injury was caused by this breach

Proving Duty of Care

Businesses that have customers come into their premises should have the duty of care to make sure their premises is safe. This does not mean that the business can be held responsible for every injury that took place in their premises. Courts understand that is not possible to avoid all injuries.

But, there are reasonable “standards” for businesses to follow. These requirements are based on the context of each lawsuit, and can vary based on each state. But here are few standards that are common between most lawsuits:

  • Regular inspections take place on the premises for dangerous objects or situations.
  • The premise is clean to avoid slip and falls.
  • Warnings are placed around dangerous areas, such as wet floors.
  • Immediate repairs to any defective equipment or floor areas, including outside pavements on entrances.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but examples of safety standards that most businesses will be responsible for.

Proving Breach of Duty

If the business has failed to address these various standards, then the business has “breached” its duty and can be held responsible for the resulted injuries. For instance, if there is a slip and fall case against a local food store, the store could have breached the standard in many ways. The store might have failed to inspect its premise at a regular basis. Or, the store could have neglected to put up a warning sign for customers to avoid that specific area. Moreover, there might have been an employee who had noticed the spill but did not do anything to clean it up, which would come under negligence.

Proving Harm was caused by the Breach

A customer’s harm can be considered many different things:

  • Pain and suffering caused by the injury itself
  • Medical bills
  • Temporary or permanent unemployment

But all of these have to be proven in court to have been a result of the breach in duty. Let us take the instance of the slip and fall. While there might have been a spill near the location where the injury took place, but the customer had actually tripper over his or her own shoe, the business cannot be held responsible, even if they had breached their duty. The harm must be a direct result of the breach.

If you find your business to be sued for a personal injury claim, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help with a pre-cash settlement loan until the case is settled. If you are facing a slip and fall, accident or personal injury claim, the loan is available at no risk to you.

Once you complete a 30-second application on our website, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide you up to $5,000 within 48 hours based solely on the merits of your case. We will not require credit checks or proof of income.

The loan check is for you to keep since we will be paid back from the settlement amount. If you are unable to win you case, then we will not require you to pay off the loan, we guarantee the loan will not affect your personal valuables or credit history.


Mar 012014

Broken Bone Injury

If an individual is injured due to someone else’s actions, certain circumstances have to be taken into account before a legal claim can be filed. Broken bones are one of the most common forms of personal injury. These injuries can be minor fractures or life altering. How can you identify such injuries?

How to identify broken bones?

Broken bones can occur from being struck by someone or another object, and even slip and falls. Some broken are obvious, such as compound fractures, where the bone is protruding from the skin; simple fractures, however, are sometime hard to detect, as they are not as obvious. This does not mean that simple fractures cannot be very serious injuries.

Fractures can often be mistake for mild sprains. For instance, a hairline fracture on you ankle could feel like a sprain. However, a sprain often usually has a lot of swelling and is more painful than a broken bone. If there is mild swelling and slight, but persistent pain in the injured area, it is most likely a broken bone.

How to care for broken bones?

No matter how the broken bone took place, there are few steps that have to be taken to make the bone heals properly. If the fracture is serious and the individual is in a lot of pain, then medical attention is needed as soon as possible. Most doctors would require an x-ray and a few other tests to determine the severity of the injury. Once the severity is identified, the injured area is put in a cast so the bone can properly set in place and heal at it’s own pace. Minor injuries can heal in a few weeks while severe injuries could take months to heal properly.

Consulting an attorney for the injury

If the injury is result of someone’s negligence or purposeful actions, an attorney could be sought to make a personal injury claim. This has to be done as soon as possible since the law is put in place a certain time period in which the claim has to be made, or the other individual will not be held responsible for the injury.

The attorney will analyze you case to make sure it is a proper claim and will advise on how to move forward. The first consultation for all personal injuries is free so it is best to approach an attorney and seek some assistance.

 Broken Bones Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

If you find yourself in such a situation, you would be eligible for a pre-cash settlement until your case is settled.

Any individual who is currently in a lawsuit that deals with premises or product liability, any kind of accident or personal injury, or slip-and-fall, you would qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance from Interstate Lawsuit Funding. The advance is a no-risk, no-credit check lawsuit loan with no proof of income necessary, designed to help individuals during the lawsuit.


By completing a simple 30-second application on our website, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide loans up to $5,000 based solely on the merits of the case within 48 hours.


We do not expect a return of the check given to you, and will be paid back through the settlement amount. In case you do not win in court, Interstate Lawsuit Funding will not hold you personally liable to pay off the loan, and we guarantee the loan will not affect your personal valuables or credit history.


Feb 172014

Have You been Hurt On the Job?

workmans comp case

If you’ve been injured at work and you have a case, we can send you cash in advance of your settlement. Click here to fill out our simple 30-Second Application. Never a credit check.

While Worker’s Comp has different rules about eligibility, various rules and multiple ways to claim, but the laws are similar in every state. Every employee has a right to medical care if injured during work. Workers’ compensation should pay for all medical bills, home care, and equipment. The individual should also be compensated for the time he or she lost due to the injury or illness. If the individual passed away due to the injury or illness, the family should be eligible to receive the benefits on his or her behalf.

Almost all workers are covered by Worker’s Comp, even undocumented workers. Each workplace has general guidelines for those that are covered. While certain jobs are exempt from the coverage, such as federal workers and independent contractors, the best way to check your status would be to check with the Workers’ Comp agency.

Work Injury Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

If you have been injured at work and you already have a lawyer, you’re a candidate for lawsuit funding.  that means we can send you cash before your case settles.  We have a very simple 30-Second Application and there’s no credit check, no fees and no obligation.

When am I covered by Workers’ Comp?

You are covered under Workers’ Compensation if you are in the premises under your employer’s control. This includes any work or premises of work you are doing for your employer. However, commuting does not come under coverage.

Work related illnesses and injuries are covered by Workers’ Comp. The injuries can be a one-time occurrence, such as a fall or the breaking of bones, or can occur over-time, such as muscle strain or carpel tunnel syndrome. Illnesses caused by toxic chemicals or poisonous gases are also covered.

Pre-existing conditions that get worse due to work, such as asthma, can also be covered by Workers’ Comp. As long as it can be proven that work was responsible for the worsening of the condition, the worker can be compensated, even if it is the individual’s carelessness or fault. However, if the employer can argue that the individual was inebriated or hurt him-/herself on purpose, the injury is not eligible. Drug use might be an issue when reporting an injury but does not always mean ineligibility of compensation.

Always check with a lawyer to see if the injury is covered, even if the employer denies it.

When should I go for a lawyer?

Workers’ Comp claims is one of the few times that a lawyer is worth to have. Local unions or Central Labor Council can make recommendations for injured individuals. Workers’ Comp lawyers only take cases they think they can win since they receive a percentage of the compensation awarded. There are no fees upfront.

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