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Lawsuit Loans in Montgomery, Alabama and Suburbs

If you need a lawsuit loan and reside in or around Montgomery, Alabama start by applying online with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

lawsuit loans in AL

If you live in Alabama an you want cash now in advance of your final settlement, click the picture of the map above and fill out our Simple 30-Second Application

To get cash quick, start now by filling out our simple 30-Second Application. 


Our experienced lawsuit funding company works with plaintiffs throughout the Montgomery area to provide them the necessary legal funding fast while going through the litigation process.  Our highly trained loan professionals work diligently to secure pre-settlement funding for many different types of legal cases in and around the city of Montgomery.

At Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we offer nonrecourse loans, which means our clients only pay back the loan if their attorney successfully wins the case.  Otherwise, there is no obligation to the client, no credit check to get started, and no repercussion for applying.

Types of Cases We Fund:

Animal AttackAssaultAuto AccidentBicycle Accident Injuries or DeathBoatingBurn InjuryBus or Public Transportation AccidentCar AccidentClass ActionConstructionDiscriminationDog Bite (Animal Bite)HarassmentMedical MalpracticeMotorcycle AccidentNursing HomePersonal InjuryNegligencePremises LiabilityProduct LiabilitySlip & FallToxic MoldWorker’s CompensationWrongful DeathWrongful Termination

We work with plaintiffs all across Montgomery, Alabama and have successfully provided our clients with the pre-settlement cash advance they need.  If you are in the Montgomery area and have a personal injury claim included in the types of cases we fund, take advantage of our quick 30-second application process and get your lawsuit loan today. Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide a pre-settlement cash advance at any stage of the litigation process, but why wait?  The sooner you apply with our experienced lawsuit funding company, the sooner you can begin using your lawsuit cash advance.

Personal injury litigation can take months, even years.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding is here to provide litigation funding in the form of a lawsuit loan so our clients can continue paying everyday living expenses while their cases go through settlement.

If you are considering applying for a lawsuit loan in Montgomery, Alabama, let Interstate Lawsuit Funding work hard to get you the cash you need.  We promise a quick decision, fast funding, and our notable expertise in the business.

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